Skin Analysis Consultation

Skincycles uses the latest skin-scanning technology. OBSERV 520x is a state-of-the-art digital imaging system which looks at eight key areas of your complexion to determine where your skin might need some extra help and which products are best suited for your skin type.

Skincycles day spa is located at Harley Street Injectables  at 77 Harley Street. We offer you a full medical assessment prior to your first treatment. The skin analysis forms part of that assessment. We will advise you on an individualised plan of treatment to suit your needs. This process gives you a great opportunity to ask all the questions and discuss the treatment plan for a new skincare regime and potential treatments to enhance the results.

What Is a Skin Analysis?

At our Skincycles day spa we use a skin diagnostic system that captures six digital photographs of the skin detailing many skin conditions that surface in time that comes from deeper layers that you may not see with the human eye.

Skincycles Observ 520x exposes those conditions, detailing what is happening underneath  the dermis as well as on top, which then gives your practitioner and yourself the best targeted skincare regime.


The six photographs show


Daylight mode

This is how your skin looks if you were looking in the mirror the daylight mode allows us to observe your skin under controlled daylight conditions and make comparisons of skin conditions appearing in daylight and the other skin analysis modes


True UV mode

The true UV mode allows us to obtain a clearer, more contrasting and detailed image of the skin conditions than with conventional devices showing sun damage and different types of pigmentation. The results from this diagnostic tells us the best way we will need to treat and tackle the discolouration.


Simulated Wood’s light mode

The spectral composition mimics a classical Wood’s light. The patented illumination technology allows the modification of the Wood’s light spectrum and provides an extra diagnostic dimension showing us dehydration, loss of volume, dryness, oilyness, bacteria and so on.


Parallel-polarization mode

The parallel-polarization technology enhances the visualization of the skin’s surface textures. In this mode, the skin’s microrelief, fine lines and wrinkle formations can be observed with high detail. This photo captured will also show us any textural concerns such as on pores.


Daylight mode

The cross-polarization mode provides you with an unparalleled view below the skin’s surface. At the touch of a button vascular or pigmentation disorders become visible to the eye. Any reds present indicate there is vascular conditions and any browns present details pigmentation present. Some parties signals that do not have his technology and do not check for this may make matters worse by aggravating these conditions hence why at all of our customers that come for a skin consultation receive a skin health check.


Complexion analysis

The complexion analysis reveals any irregularities and inflammation on the skin, as well as all the other images combined together detailing what may happen if we were to leave the skin untreated. Our aim is to combat this, slow the ageing process and any inflammation on the skin that may cause the skin to look unhealthy and uneven.


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We confidentially keep your records to monitor and track your progress and then at your review stage, we discuss your results and compare the before and after images.