Alice Henshaw, founder, had focused on the improving of the appearance of her clients from non surgical treatments. Excellent in clinic service but having no control on what clients did for their skin outside the clinic was a nonsensical approach. Thus Skincycles was born to provide continuous support and ensure the best possible outcomes from treatments undertaken at Harley Street Injectables.

The Product History

The skin is the human body’s largest organ and its’ most visible. Its requirements vary depending on climate and to further complicate matters depending on your age it renews itself at different speeds. Therefore keeping your skin at its best is a full time job.

Aside from the damage sustained by the skin from factors such as wind, sun and pollution there are the many non surgical aesthetic treatments undertake which cause damage and trauma to the skin which need treating.

Skincycles philosophy is that you need to follow your natural rhythms of creation to disposal of a skin cell which is 5-6 weeks on average. Patience is key as the mask will visibly improve the older outer layer but it is only after 3-4 months that the whole skin layer will consist of younger, stronger and healthier cells.

The hydrating bio cellulose mask addresses the most common issues of dehydration, ageing and damage regardless of age or location of the user. In development is a range of more tailored masks which will follow the specific requirements of age.

The Founder

Alice Henshaw is a leader in cosmetic injectable and rejuvenation treatments which has led Harley Street Injectables into one of the most sought-after practices in London. She created SkincyclesTM as she struggled to find a suitably sophisticated skincare range to match the extremely high standard of her in clinic treatments for clients.

Alice embarked on creating a range of rejuvenating skin care for women from the starting point that it was rooted in her clinical experiences as a practitioner and as a woman. The foundations of the new range had to be based on sustainability, ethics and conscious consumerism. The manufacturer was chosen for their carbon net zero factory, they only use cruelty free processes, uphold high employee standards and that the products are fully recyclable.


SkincyclesTM provides three ranges of facial rejuvenation skin care. Intentionally paired down to minimise the risk of clients’ not completing the necessary daily regime, each label is a standalone product. Gone are the multiple bottles, serums or mists requiring an order of application. Only the essential ingredients required to benefit the client’s needs, chosen for their clinical effectiveness, are bottled. No useless additives or scents. This straight forwardness and honesty in what is the treatment and what its’ effects are a direct experience from Alice’s success in clinic where her candour and results won her awards and clients.

Achieving natural results that promote subtle revitalisation is always the goal of ours, so that patients can be happy with their experience and feel more confident in their own skin.

“It is my Pleasure to introduce you to my new skincare range scientifically formulated and borne out of my passion for cosmetics and skincare”

by Alice

Alice is an NMC Registered Independent Nurse Prescriber. She did her bachelors degree in Auckland New Zealand and worked as a cardiac nurse before moving to England. She completed her masters in London United Kingdom and worked at numerous cosmetic clinics on the prestigious Harley Street. It was here she developed a special interest in the medical aesthetic industry and opened Harley Street Injectables. She has treated over 12,000 clients and is considered an expert in her field.